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MOT & Service Pricing.

The best time to get your car serviced is at the time of the annual MOT test.

The most important part of a service is the oil change and it accounts for most of the cost, so the bigger your engine the more oil it will use and the more likely it is to use a high tech oil.

At driverhelpline we’ll always fill you engine with new oil to the specification recommended for your Car. Synthetic oils are always included in our fixed-price Car service with our promise of no hidden extras.

You’ll save money when you book your MOT with a service.

Engine Size
up to 1.4 litre above 1.4 litre up to 2.0 litre over 2.0 litre up to 3.0 litre over 3.0 litre
Interim Service £106£137£149£175
Full Service £175£187£212£224
Add an MOT £26
MOT alone £29

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What is an MOT test?

Cars & vans in the UK must pass a yearly MOT test to be able to drive on UK roads.

The first MOT test is needed when the vehicle is 3 years old, or 4 years old in Northern Ireland.

An MOT ‘certificate’ is issued once the MOT test has been passed. This certificate may not always be on paper, but don’t worry you can always find a copy MOT certificate online.

As your vehicle gets older things start going wrong and important bits like the tyres and the brakes wear out. The MOT test checks your car is roadworthy and meets emissions standards. If the test finds anything wrong you will need to get this repaired to use the car on the road.

What happens during an MOT test?

On Arrival at the Garage
Once you arrive at the driverhelpline garage, our approved MOT tester will check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and the registration number against the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) database to make sure we are testing the correct vehicle. Once happy with that we will run through the following checks to make sure the vehicle meets the DVLA’s requirements.

Number Plate
Your number plate needs to meet current DVLA legal regulations with no modifications, so ‘show plates’ are not allowed. Your number plate also needs to be clean and readable, should not be damaged and the characters cannot be obscured by fixings. You can check the Government number plate rules online.

The MOT test checks the condition, operation, security and colour of your vehicle’s lights. The test will also check to see if the headlamp aim is correct. Every light fitted to the vehicle needs to be in good working order. We will check your sidelights, headlights and indicators as well the rear number plate, reversing, fog and brake lights.

Tyres & Wheels
Your tyres need to have minimum legal tread depth of 1.6mm around the central ¾ of each tyre, less than this is an MOT fail. Most tyres have tread wear indicators, if these are visible your tyre needs replacing before the test. Your tyres should also be properly inflated. Wheels are also checked for safety and structural security.

Dashboard Warning Lights
The MOT now includes a ‘Malfunction Indicator Lamp’ check where we visually check warning lights for systems such as engine management, safety restraints, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control and tyre pressure monitoring (if they are fitted). These lights should not be illuminated when your engine is running or your vehicle will fail the MOT test.

Seats & Seatbelts
Your front seats must adjust as designed and lock securely in position. Seatbelts must be safe and secure by locking and retracting properly and they will fail the MOT test if they are frayed or cut. Finally they must be able to clip in and unclip without hassle.

You need to have a horn which works from a switch inside your vehicle and is clearly audible. Test your horn and if it doesn’t work, it’ll need to be repaired or replaced.

Fuel & Engine Oil
Your engine needs to run for us to check emissions during the test, so you need enough fuel and engine oil for this. We check the fuel system during the MOT test, including the filler cap, for leaks and integrity.

The MOT tests your overall braking efficiency in terms of performance and operation, including the handbrake. You will also be advised how much your brakes have worn since the last test and when they may need to be replaced.

Suspension & Steering
With the vehicle up on a ramp, our MOT tester will check the operation and condition of the suspension and steering components of your vehicle for damage, corrosion and excessive wear.

This is a big area which tests the windscreen, wipers, washers and mirrors. Windscreen cracks or chips bigger than 10mm on the driver’s side, and more than 40mm in the rest of your windscreen will cause an MOT fail. Your wipers must clean the front and back screens properly, so make sure you have enough fluid and the jets get that fluid to the screens. Remove obstructions to your view such as stickers, a phone holder or furry dice. Finally, missing, broken or obscured rear-view mirrors will also fail an MOT.

Bodywork & Doors
We check the bodyshell during the MOT test, largely for damage or excessive corrosion which would make it structurally unsafe. This also includes the body panels which cannot have any sharp edges. In addition we test the doors to make sure they open, close and latch properly.

Exhaust System and Emissions
You need to have a complete exhaust system with effective silencing and no leaks to pass an MOT test. In addition, sophisticated equipment tests your engine emissions from the exhaust which need to be within specified DVLA guidelines.

You can obtain more detailed information about the MOT test direct from the UK Government's website.

What’s included in a car service?

Every driverhelpline service includes an
engine oil change & a new oil filter.

We always use the type of engine oil your manufacturer recommends, including synthetic or specialist engine oil
and this is always included in the price we quote you.

driverhelpline service packages keep you safe and save you money.

Full Service.

Interim Service.

65 critical elements

47 critical elements


12 months or
12,000 miles


6 months or
6,000 miles

Full inspection of tyres, brakes and suspension plus extensive checks on lights, instruments and fluids. Thorough inspection of brake, fuel and radiator hoses, power steering fluids, with auxiliary drive belt adjustment if needed.

An interim service gives you peace of mind between annual services so we check essentials such as lights, instruments and fluid levels, together with a complete tyre and suspension inspection. A visual brake inspection is also included.

Replacement Fluids & Service Parts Full Interim
Replace engine oil and filter✔︎✔︎
Synthetic oils, included in price✔︎✔︎
Top up windscreen washer fluid✔︎✔︎
Replace air filter, included in price✔︎

Service Promise Full Interim
Serviced by ATA technicians✔︎✔︎
Latest electronic diagnostics equipment✔︎✔︎
Original manufacturer standard parts✔︎✔︎
Parts guaranteed for 12 months, 12,000 miles✔︎✔︎
Manufacturer warranty maintained✔︎✔︎
No hidden extras, inclusive pricing✔︎✔︎
Service details logged in the driverhelpline app✔︎✔︎
Liaise with garage to ensure no unnecessary work carried out✔︎✔︎

Vehicle Arrival & Initial Checks Full Interim
Review Customer requirements and comments✔︎✔︎
Check MOT status✔︎✔︎
Check Tax status✔︎✔︎
Check manufacturer service schedule recommendations✔︎✔︎
Check instruments, gauges, warning lights✔︎✔︎
Check horn✔︎✔︎
Check front and rear windscreen wipers✔︎✔︎
Check front and rear windscreen washers✔︎✔︎
Check Adblue/Eolys warning light✔︎✔︎
Check interior lights operation and switches✔︎✔︎
Check clutch operation (manual only)✔︎✔︎
Check seat belts condition and operation✔︎✔︎
Check climate control/ air con system✔︎
Check engine diagnostic codes✔︎✔︎

Suspension and Steering Checks Full Interim
Check steering for wear, damage and condition✔︎✔︎
Check suspension linkages for wear, damage and condition✔︎✔︎
Check ball joints for wear, damage and condition✔︎✔︎
Check shock absorbers & springs✔︎✔︎
Full tyre inspection (tread, pressure and alignment check)✔︎✔︎
Adjust tyre pressure (if required)✔︎✔︎
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System inspection✔︎✔︎

Under Bonnet Checks Full Interim
Check battery condition and mounting security✔︎✔︎
Check battery wiring✔︎✔︎
Test starter motor electrics and mechanical operation✔︎✔︎
Test alternator electrics operation✔︎✔︎
Check coolant level (strength and condition)✔︎✔︎
Top up coolant (if required)✔︎✔︎
Check brake fluid (boiling point and condition)✔︎✔︎
Top up brake fluid (if required)✔︎✔︎
Check bonnet catch operation✔︎✔︎
Check brake pipes & hoses✔︎✔︎
Check power steering fluid & top up (if required)✔︎
Check fan belt and adjust (if required)✔︎
Check auxiliary drive belts and adjust (if required)✔︎
Check radiator and coolant hoses✔︎

Vehicle Underside Checks Full Interim
Visual brake check✔︎✔︎
Full front brake inspection for wear and damage, including pad and disc measurement✔︎
Full rear brake inspection for wear and damage, including pad and disc measurement✔︎
Full handbrake inspection, condition and operation✔︎
Check fuel lines for routing, damage, leaks & corrosion✔︎
Check engine underside for security, damage and leaks✔︎
Check transmission for security, damage and leaks✔︎
Check front/rear drive train (as applicable) for security, damage and leaks✔︎
Check drive shaft joints and gaiters for wear and damage✔︎
Check exhaust system and mountings for security and leaks✔︎

Exterior Checks Full Interim
Check exterior lights & lamps operation and switches✔︎✔︎
Check doors – operation and condition✔︎✔︎
Check boot – operation and condition✔︎✔︎
Check fuel cap – operation and condition✔︎✔︎
Check mirrors – operation and condition✔︎

Final Test Full Interim
Carry-out vehicle road test✔︎✔︎
Reset service light✔︎✔︎
Stamp service book✔︎✔︎

Got a question? - FAQs

Cars and vans should be serviced every 12 months, at 12,000 miles or at a mileage recommended by the manufacturer.

The driverhelpline full service includes a full inspection of tyres, brakes and suspension plus extensive checks on lights, instruments and fluids. We also carry out a thorough inspection under the bonnet including brake, fuel and radiator hoses, power steering fluids, with auxiliary drive belt adjustment if needed.

We replace the oil and fit new oil and air filters. We use engine oil specific to your engine, so if your engine needs synthetic or specialist oils, it’s all included in the price we quote you.

An interim service is ideal for vehicles which have regular, short journeys or cover high mileages of typically more than 12,000 miles per year.

An interim service gives you peace of mind between annual services.

We check essentials such as lights, instruments and fluid levels, together with a complete tyre and suspension inspection. A visual brake inspection is also included.

We also replace the oil and fit new oil and air filters. Again, we use engine oil specific to your engine, so if your engine needs synthetic or specialist oils, it’s all included in the price we quote you.

When you book an MOT with a service we can save time inspecting your vehicle which means you save money.

7 key elements of your MOT test; warning lights, fluids, tyres, brakes, lights, visibility and horn
There are lots of reasons to make sure your car or van is serviced correctly, it always works out better in the long run.

There’s lots you can’t see when you drive your car. Critical components in the engine, suspension and braking system all wear as a result of the mileage you do, and as a function of time. You may not notice this slight deterioration as it develops day by day, but a service will find out any issues.

We can help to identify potential problems before they become real ones and advise you what do do about them and when to do it.

Our servicing, carried out regularly, provides you with the peace of mind that your car or van is in the best condition.

If you service your car or van correctly, you drastically reduce your chance of breaking down. A breakdown costs money to recover and is hugely inconvenient because your vehicle will be off the road and you’ll have to pay for other transport until it is fixed.

One key area is engine oil, which has to work very hard to make sure your engine is at peak performance. Oil degrades over time and with use, so failure to change to new, clean oil at the right time will lead to damage to the engine’s internals and even cause the engine to seize.

A service highlights issues that you many need to have rectified or at least keep and eye on, no matter how good you feel your car is running today.

Replacement air and oil filters also make your engine run smoother and helps it to be more fuel efficient, which means you save at the pump.

So it’s clearly a false economy if you think you are saving a few quid by not having your car serviced when it’s needed.

Buying a new car or van is expensive, so it makes sense to get the most out of the vehicle you own. The better you treat your vehicle, the longer it will last.

It makes economic sense to hold on to a vehicle, but that only works if you have regular servicing which is crucial to making sure you have hassle-free motoring.

An unquestionable added bonus when selling a car is proof of regular servicing. A service from driverhelpline gives you that ‘stamp’ in the service record book which increases the value if you decide to sell your vehicle, it also makes it more attractive to likely buyers.

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