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Did you know that since paper tax discs were abolished
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Your car must be taxed to be kept on a UK road,
whether you are driving it or not.
Even if your car is only parked on a road you must tax it.

If you car tax runs out and you want to keep it in your garage,
your private drive or on private land you can register it with
the DVLA as SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification).

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What is car tax?

The official government name for car tax is Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), it’s often also called road tax.

When your car is first registered it is liable for road tax, so paying tax is a necessary part of car ownership.

Some cars are exempt from tax, for example if they are zero emissions or registered SORN, but they still need to be registered with the Government’s DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency).

Money raised by the government from car tax is paid directly into a central fund and is used on a wide range of projects, not only road maintenance.

What is SORN?

If you don't want to drive your car on a public road you can avoid paying car tax, but you have to declare your car as SORN.

SORN stands for Statutory Off Road Notification. When you declare your car as SORN you are telling the DVLA that your car is off the road which means you don’t need to pay car tax on it.

Let's be very clear though, once your car has been registered with a SORN it cannot be driven on a public road.

You can register your vehicle as off the road at the Government's SORN website.

What if I don’t tax my car?

Every month, the DVLA checks its database for a list of cars that have not been taxed, but are not declared SORN.

If your car is on that list, the DVLA will send you a warning letter. If you ignore this letter and don’t tax your car you will automatically get an £80 fine. The good news is that this fine halves to £40 if you pay within 28 days. The bad news is this fine can go up to £1,000 if the case goes to court.

On top of the database, every day it is estimated that over 30 millions car number plates are photographed by ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras such as those fitted to police cars.

If the police stop you in your car and find you don’t have tax, they can issue you a Fixed Penalty Notice of £1,000 on the spot.

When is my car tax due?

When you buy a car, whether it's new or secondhand, it needs to be taxed before you can drive it on a public road.

After that, your car needs to be taxed every year so you need to make a note of when it's due, you can find out when your tax is due and get free email reminders from driverhelpline.

How do I pay for my car tax?

It's never been easier to tax your car online at the Government's website.

Here you can choose a number of options to pay your car tax, including;

• for a full year in a lump sum
• for 6 months in a lump sum, which includes additional fees
• monthly instalments via direct debit, which includes interest

If you don’t choose a direct debit, we’ll remind you to make payments at the right time.

If you do choose a monthly direct debit, you’ll need to check whether this auto-renews each year.

If you prefer to pay by cash, cheque or card in person then you'll need to go to a Post Office which deals with car tax. They can also help you to fill out the forms.

What do I need to tax my car?

Whether you tax your car online or at a Post Office you will need a reference number from one of these documents:.

V11 - reminder letter from the DVLA
V5C - vehicle log book in your name
green slip - from the log book if you’ve just bought your car.

Also, in order to tax your car you’ll need valid insurance and an MOT, this is checked on the DVLA databases at the time you apply to tax your car.

If you’ve just bought the car make sure you update your insurance details before you tax it so that it is correct when the DVLA makes these checks.

If your tax and MOT have both run out you are still able to drive your car to a prearranged MOT test, but it must be insured. If the car passes the MOT test, you need to tax it before you take it away from the test centre. You cannot drive the the car away from the test centre if it fails the MOT, in this case the car will need to be fixed at the MOT garage or taken away on a trailer!

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