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What’s in a car service?

Every car service must include an engine oil & filter change using the correct oil, because if anything goes wrong with your engine it will be very expensive.

When your car is serviced in any of the 700 local driverhelpline garages you fluid levels, tyres, suspension & brakes will always be checked no matter which service you book - our job is to keep you safe & legal.

Choosing an interim, full or major service is all about mileage & months. The more miles your car does or the longer it goes between services, the more work will need to be done to replace worn out parts.

Find out more about what’s included in a driverhelpline service.

When should I service my car?

A good rule of thumb is to get your car serviced every 12 months to keep it running smoothly & to find out if you have any problems you need to fix.

If you travel high mileages and your car clocks up 12,000 miles before the 12 months is up, then you’ll need a service.

On more modern cars you may have a dashboard service indicator which tells you when to get your car serviced based upon how you drive it.

Whenever you decide to get your car serviced, it’s easy to book online at one of over 700 local driverhelpline garages.

What is an MOT test?

As your car gets older things start going wrong & important bits like tyres & brakes wear out. The MOT test checks your car is roadworthy & can meet emissions standards. If the test finds anything wrong you will need to get this repaired to use your car on the road.

Your first MOT is needed when your car is 3 years old, or 4 years old in Northern Ireland, then every year after that.

You can check when your MOT is due, get reminders & book a your next test with driverhelpline.

Can I drive without an MOT?

The short answer is no, it’s illegal to drive your car on the road without an MOT unless your going to a pre-booked test. Your car may not be safe to drive without an MOT test pass - this puts you, your passengers & other road users at risk.

If you get caught using your car on the road without an MOT you risk getting a very large fine & your insurance would not be valid if you had an accident.

If your car does not have an MOT, book a test now with driverhelpline because you’ll only be able to drive your car to a pre-booked test appointment if your MOT has run out.

Do I need to fix my brakes?

You’ll need to get your brakes fixed if you…

...hear squeaking or grinding noises
...feel your car pulling to the left or right when you brake
...have to push your brake pedal a long way for the brakes to work
...see a red brake system warning light on your dashboard

For your safety, please book a free, no obligation brake inspection with driverhelpline as soon as you notice any of these signs.

How long do brake pads last?

On average, brake pads last for about 40,000 miles, but this can vary between 20,000 & 60,000 miles depending on the way you drive your car.

It’s rather obvious really, the less you use your brakes the longer the pads will last. If you spend most of your time driving smoothly over longer distances, your brake pads will need replacing less often than if you do lots of local stop-start driving.

If your brake pads need changing your car will give you some signs like a lack of braking performance, noises when you brake or a red dashboard warning light. Anyway it’s quick & easy to book a free brake inspection online with driverhelpline to find out what’s wrong and get it fixed.

What is a brake fluid change?

A brake fluid change simply flushes out dirty, contaminated brake fluid & replaces it with brand new clean, fresh new brake fluid to keep your brakes performing at their best.

In your local driverhelpline garage we’ll supply a constant flow of brand new brake fluid under pressure into the reservoir to force out the old brake fluid in the system along with any trapped air.

We then ‘bleed’ each wheel’s brake cylinder of the old fluid in sequence until we see the clean, new fluid flowing.

Once the brake fluid change is complete, we dispose of the old fluid in an environmentally friendly & safe way.

Booking a brake fluid change at your local driverhelpline garage can be done quickly & easily online.

Who can change my brake fluid?

With over 700 driverhelpline garages in the UK, we can change your brake fluid while you wait in under an hour. So there’s no need to leave your car for the full day & you can book online.

On top of that your local driverhelpline garage will give your car a free, no obligation, brake inspection for your total peace-of-mind.

Car makers advise changing your brake fluid every 24 months or 24,000 miles.

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